Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My dog Mollypup

Our little Molly has been mollygagging lately.  She love, love, loves to sleep in strange positions and her being the Princess Malllahkowalla that she is, we allow her to do just about anything she wants.  Besides doing a grasse matinée chaque matin, she loves to droop her head over the lazy boy.  There's a misnomer...They should have called the easy chairs LazyGirls.

We averted a near crisis last week with the help of our vet and his assistants back home, Centennial Animal Hospital.  It turns out that the insulin that Molly takes is NOT available here, or anywhere in the U.S. so to avoid Molly having to get re-regulated on a different strain and dosage, we had to have the type she is taking sent special delivery so she wouldn't run out.  It originally took over three months to get the correct dosage of insulin regulated (and how many trips to the vet) and we did not want to go that route again.  We had tried contacting several people who we know were coming down here, but none of them would have been here before her supply ran out. 

Originally our vet believed that the same type of insulin was available here, but it seems there was some problem with the porcine insulin coming out of suspension  in a rather short period (less than six months) so it has been taken off the production line here. All is well now, and the little girl is as normal as can be expected.  She is blind due to cataracts, but at least her drinking and evacuating is under control, leading us to believe that the insulin levels are correct.  It's not like we can do a little strip test everyday...

Our girl, who is eleven plus, still greets guests at the door and can do all her 'tricks' but she does bump into a few things from time to time.  She has learned to adapt pretty well though...she uses her nose as a 'white cane' and tests the base of the chair or sofa with her nose before jumping up on her favourite perch.  Outside, I keep her on a pretty tight rein because there are lots of 'big rocks' that could get into her path and I don't want her to hurt herself.  It's funny, as she can sense when people are walking by, and once in a while I think she 'sees'.  A bird flew by the other day and she seemed to follow it... but as for 'looking' at things, it's pretty bad.

I think we are pretty fortunate to still have her, as she is as lovable as ever.  I think I'll buy her a special valentine this year...

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