Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Reflections

I have always loved participating in swaps because they are a help in the learning curve.  No, these Reflections Pendants are not new, but they helped me to 'refine'  the technique to something that was akin to production, which I do not like to do.  The swap required a minimum of eighteen pendants and so I did make the required number and had a bit more of the material prepared, so I made extra ones which I am going to give as gifts to friends. 

The colors in these are quite subdued, not the normal showy stuff that I do in the fish mobiles.  Also, I did not sand the finished pendants, leaving the option to the members of the guild to decide whether they wanted them shiny or not. I just buffed them a little on the surface, rather than the usual sanding with progressive grits of sandpaper and buffing to a high gloss.  I like the subtle sheen  and it is enough to make the 'reflection' part of the pendant noticeable.  Some of the burl effect even looks like a goddess in some of the pendants. 

As usual, I was under the 'gun' to get them done, as my days are very busy with visiting and participating in a couple of activities here under the sun.  Having made these many times before, I was able to streamline the activity which is one of the advantages of participating in a swap.  For the last ones I made as keepers, I completed those after last Saturday's meeting and do have to admit that I added a little more embellishment. In some,  I hammered out some wire and placed it in the underlayer of burnished black.  In others, I rolled the 'bail' part around a tube of metal to make it a little more mixed media.  Of course no two are exactly alike, which I love.

The past few days have been cool and there was a lot of rain over the weekend. However yesterday was sunnier (but cool) and I finally tried using the UV curing magic glos that I have had for over a year.  It's funny, sometimes I get stuff and have to use it right away.  This product was one that I was saving on the back burner.  I used the glos on a book cover and although the book is not completely done, I think I am going to continue using the medium.  It is VERY shiny!

I guess it's a toss up as to whether my personal preferences are for shiny, matte, or high gloss.

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