Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rockin' in the light

I have to admit that I am growing fond of all the rockery around here.  In making these covers, I've decided to use some of them in the family room and perhaps in the laundry reminisce about the way the folks used to do laundry by the rivers by beating the clothes against the rocks.  If the flood they're predicting for the Red River Valley actually does occur (pray for a slooooow melt), we may have to resort to all sorts of means to be doing things we normally take for granted. 

Meanwhile, I don't mean to make 'light' of the subject, but there's not much an individual can do except move things to higher ground and clear out the basement. In our case, that may mean unloading a bunch of stuff that's been piling up (literally) and getting it to a place where it may be better stored or used.  Hopefully the provincial, civic and federal authorities in charge will be able to avert the flood.

I will be making more of these...they have a soft sheen and the texture is pretty deep. 

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