Monday, September 27, 2010

Polymer Buttons

I've called these "Let's Face It" buttons for obvious reasons on my part, but I'm hoping that the eventual locations of these becomes a little less mundane and a lot more meaningful in their final destinations.  Last year I incorporated a face of this type in one of my books which I titled 'The Maharincess of Franistan's Journal' because the cover of the book was very textured in a geographical kind of way.  But I wanted to imply the humour aspect of the intention so I utilized Lucille Ball's pseudonym from one of her very early shows with Desi. 

The faces I am now doing include real sculptured noses, as is quite discernable on the scans, and some of them are very  ethnique  with almost detectable facial characteristics, especially in the nasal regions.  The scans don't quite do them justice as the picture is a little shortened as far as the facial lengths go, making them a little pudgier than they are in actuality.  For example, the one on the top left when viewed straight on looks more like Bernadette Peters or Marisa Tomei than she does in the scan.   Of course, the headdress is strictly Lada Gaga, so there's a lot of input into these little compositions.

They're going to be part of my fall display of buttons and other accessories that I'll be taking on the road and to some of the local shows.  The first road show is to Dryden, Ontario for their annual Fall Art Sale on October 1 and 2, and I am very much looking forward to it.  Last year was my first time there, and the show is set at the Golf and Country Club in a very picturesque region near the town.  Hopefully this nice weather will hold (we actually put the air conditioner on yesterday) and we won't have to shovel our way in and out of the clu! 

But I have had to hold production for a week as this week finds me working until Thursday.  Then on Thursday night my former school will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, so I'll be involved in that. I've completed my donation item but it's a secret so no one but the committee and myself knows what it is.  Over the decade that I taught there, I helped out with a lot of art projects with the students and some of the vestiges of those still are in the halls of the school in the form of ceiling tiles or on the walls of the gym and hallways in general.  Now when I go there to substitute, I still like to incorporate a bit of art in everything I teach, even if it's only to write good morning in Calligraphy on the chalkboard. 

So, it's off to get ready, because, let's face it, it is going to be a busy week.

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Anonymous said...

Love your new "face it" buttons, Pat! You will have to bring them when you come down for the winter.