Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lady Buttons are gone

No pictures today...too busy making turkey range hen... and getting caught up on things polymer clay wise.  The buttons of the lady faces went first thing last weekend.  A lady from Iowa snaffled them up within five minutes of the show opening.  Maybe I didn't price them high enough...or maybe she REALLY liked them.  She was a button collector and was going to give them as gifts to her fellow collectors.

I've been really busy and no time to take pictures...Will try to post tomorrow with new items.  Nobody really wants to READ what I have to say anyway.  LOL... Well, I know a few of you do, but most of the lookers out there are more interested in seeing, and quite frankly I have to admit that when I visit blogs, I am usually taken by the pictures. 

I have been working on more art journals and book-stuff.  I am contemplating putting together a little 'how to' now that I've made a dvd of my work.  Actually I didn't make the dvd, just burned a copy of one that was made last year. I actually watched the whole thing and was tempted to try to load a part of it on here, but for the life of me, do not know how to just use part of a home made dvd on this thing.  So for those of you who are really tech-savvy and can give me a quick e-how, I'd love to attach a little bit of it here.  Of course it's rather a simple technique, but still gives a little bit of a glimpse into what it is that I do.  (I loved hearing my friend Gilles saying that in English...what is it that you do?) 

Anyway, gotta go give little Molly, the delightfully diabetic dog her needle cuz she just ate ... again.

I am thankful...really that she is with us.  And that we're healthy.  And that we've had GORGEOUS weather for the last ten days.  And for lots of other stuff.

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