Thursday, October 14, 2010

Signs and tags and cards

In an effort to be somewhat original, practical and yet not so ordinary, I decided to print my own cards.  This was just a prototype and cut it very hastily so it is a little 'off' in the corner.  On the final copy, I'll do it a tad neater.

I have probably 8 or 9 full boxes of fabric, some for quilting, others of various sorts, that I inherited after my mom's passing, and over the years, have attempted to utilize it in my work.  I don't sew much and do not have the time to make quilts, yet I don't want to just give it all away.  Today, at the top of the stash I found this gorgeous batik fabric and thought it would make a nice backing for a business card.  That way instead of using cardstock I could just run off my card on regular paper and then attach it to the fabric to create a durable card.  At first I thought of collaging it to the fabric using some fusible webbing, then I remembered another technique that's fun...sewing over the thing in every direction.  Started with an entire sheet of labels and cards, then stitched willy-nilly all over the thing and then when they got cut out, this is what happened. 

I think they'll be good for button cards and business cards as well.  Maybe I'll come up with a different layout for some tags for objects where I like to add a bit of a hand-written description.  But, that's a while off.  I've been very busy teaching lately, and sister and I are going on a Thelma and Louise getaway (minus the crimes) so won't be able to test the final product completely for a week or so.  During the relaxing moments of our little trip I'm going to try to get a pedicure (my former excellent esthetician moved to Florida); finish the third Steig Larsen novel, ...The Hornet's Nest, and catch up on some shopping which I rarely do.  I still have 500 pages to go (ahem....) in the novel, so methinks the shopping might end in a café where I can just read for a couple hours.  Our book club meets next Wednesday, so I've got some readin' to do and then some splainin' Lucy.  (Lucy is in our book club too). 

Hoping this beautiful fall day finds everyone brimming with creative juices.

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Anonymous said...

Love this new idea for business cards! They will go well with your buttons and such. When will you be coming out here? Temps are going down next week!