Thursday, September 9, 2010

Polymer Clay Fish

This big brother fish was finished a couple of weeks ago and I just got this scan done.  I called him "Fish with a Checkered Past but Good Luck will Follow" because on the bottom of his other side he has some checkerboard caning, which unfortunately I didn't scan.  On the tailfin (again on the reverse side) I added several cane slices of the Chinese Symbol for Good Luck. 

He is a 'keeper' measuring a good 12 inches plus wire and I am pretty sure he's got a fair sized girth too!  He (it's a he because the lips are not that menopausal pink colour) isn't quite as decorated as some of his fellow fish that have gone to happy havens; but he is a pleasant sort.  He can hang free like a mobile from a long length of fishing line (what else!!!) or can be up against a wall or window.  I haven't placed him anywhere...I don't want to get too attached and I certainly don't want him to think he's part of the grouping in the computer room of Dan's taxidermed collection.  He's much too colorful for that grouping.

Today I have been making buttons and more light switch covers.  I have several in the oven right now and just thought I'd take a few minutes to post, since my posting has been very irregular of late.  Sooo, happy offishal back to school. 


Gera Scott Chandler said...

Nice work Fishie!


Alice Stroppel said...

He is great fun with an outstanding name.

Pat Sernyk said...

The fish thanks you!