Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light altering device

I was going to call this "Another Boring Post" and then decided that was too .. um .. banal.  (I couldn't remember a synonym for commonplace so I had to think back a few years when I had a chat with Lucy...I love her.  She is sooooooooooo interesting>)  But I digress.  So I called this a light altering device.  Which it is.  Well, it is part of it.  The fun part.  I am not going to get into the electrical goings on of the thing, because frankly for me, that IS boring. 

Today I made several of these.  Not all the same and some with different colors and number of caches for those rockers or dimmers or toggles or plugs.  It was kinda fun.  I basically used non-spectral colors as I have been doing way too many of these in blues and greens and wondered why I never have any of the more neutral colored ones in my inventory.  DUHHH!  The light just turned ON!  Because those are the ones people buy more of, and so that means that those should be the kind that I MAKE more of. 

I really am very bad at business projections.  I usually like to make things I like to make, and don't pay enough attention to making things that are good sellers.  I remember when I took the one class in Economics (101 with a sleepy drony prof) that the one thing that he said (in amongst all those supply and demand curves that I copied, and then drew all over) was that companies have to have a business plan that is feasible.  Well I did hear it, but never really paid much heed to it.  At least not in the traditional economic way.

During my career as a teacher, I seldom had to think about a business plan.  Objectives.  Yes, many of them.  Outcomes, yah those too.  But I wasn't really selling stuff, except of course if you consider that I was trying to sell 'learning' which, probably, I did try to do a LOT of. 

When I  started to do this polymer clay art (is it okay if I call it art?) I never considered it  from a business point of view.  I just wanted to make things because I liked working with the material and it was fun to see what I could come up with.  Naturally, I seldom record specifics in  inventory of things that I am making, but just know that I have X number of light switch covers, and ^Y^ number of buttons and "Z" number of books, the colors and styles seldom get recorded.  That would be far too organizationally challenging.  Since most of the items I make are 'original' and I don't want to have them all the same, I usually try to forget exactly what I did on light switch 248 so that when I go to make # 249, it might be in similar colors, but the style and artistry will be different.  About the only times I get really specific  in describing the items is when I have to make an inventory list for a gallery.  The rest of the time, it's basically just in stock or not in stock. 

It kinda sucks though, when someone asks you to duplicate something like a button, because they want them to be the same as the one they bought six months ago. Nightmare city!!.  Even if I have the object in my hands, I can usually not duplicate exactly the same shade, color or hue of purple, since I make the mixtures of clay spontaneously.  It might be close, but what about this:  If you asked Van Gogh to make every petal of his sunflower in exactly the same way, do you think he'd pay any attention to you?  He probably wouldn't hear of it ... ah, but I make light of that fact...

And hopefully, the folks who read this will understand that I really did GET what he (V.G.) suffered, and not be too critical that I made fun of his frailty.  We are all fragile and frail.  And when I say I don't do business things well; that is one of my frailties. 

I say....Make light of it!

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