Thursday, July 15, 2010

Victoria Beach Sale this Weekend

A few years ago we took a trip up to the east side Beaches (the East Side of Lake Winnipeg that is) where the beaches are gorgeous.  This is one of the stonier type beaches, but as you can see below the stones, the sand is as finely grained as you could ever imagine. This was a rather remote area, and the day we went for the photo shoot was brisk but sunny and the waves were rolling.  We took a lot of pictures and I often refer to them for inspiration for making my beaches bracelets, which are always popular up in that area.  The cottage we used to own was on the lakefront at Victoria Beach, and that is how I came to be connected to this event.
This Saturday is going to be a busy one, since after the sale we will be travelling to another resort area  for a barbeque to welcome my friend's son-in-law to his Canadian relatives and friends.  The couple will not be living here, but it is his first time on the prairies of our land, très loin de son pays de France. It is a 'social' and should be quite the event for someone who is not accustomed to what a prairie social (and barbeque) entails.  J'éspère que Andréa et Rodolphe vont passer de bon temps-là. Dans quelques semaines, ils vont faire le voyage retour à Normandie, où ils habitent.

As for the Victoria Beach sale, it runs from 10 am until 4 pm and is located at the Victoria Beach Sports Club.  This is one of the only times this summer that you can drive in to that area...normally the roads in the community are reserved for just deliveries and year round residents.  This has been the situation for many decades, to make the summer homes safe for all the families.  It cuts down on noise too.  There are no motels or hotels there, only private homes, making it much of a residential haven for the summer.  Everyone uses bikes or walks and it makes for a very healthy lifestyle.  While I'm at the sale,  I'll be  looking forward to seeing a lot of the other vendors and my friends out there. 


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