Monday, July 12, 2010

Farmers' Market last Saturday

Last Saturday morning was the first time this year for us to set up at the Farmers' Market at the very scenic Selkirk Waterfront Space.  The weather was lovely...a few clouds to prevent scorching and no wind.  Thankfully, there weren't any mosquitoes or other pesky critters either, just friendly folks and a few pups.  The location has got to be one of the most beautiful for an outdoor market, picnic, boat ride, stroll, lazy-day fishing, bike ride or whatever else you like to do on a Saturday morning.  I love the relaxed atmosphere of the place, and the well built facility lends itself to setting up a venue such as this.

I was very happy that the sun wasn't blazing, for, as luck would have it (or was it inadequate planning), we had forgotten to pack the tent topper.  It was really quite humorous, and folks that know us usually expect Entertainment of the Bickerson-genre during set-up and we did not fail them, again.  We got there a bit on the late side for my liking, but it ended up being perfect timing, because, having not brought the tent top, we didn't have to set the thing up.  So that part worked out perfectly.

Some of the same nice people that I encountered last year were there again, and a few vendors have not returned.   Unfortunately, it is still too early to have a lot of home grown produce available, so I am thinking that in a few more weeks there will be a good deal more tasty home grown things to buy.  There was some lovely baking, and after having made my 'quota' of sales, I treated myself to a couple of loaves of freshly baked herb bread of the artisan nature.  It's delightful, especially when I toasted some and dipped it in a bit of grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar and dipping spices.  YUMM! 

Sadly, I won't be there more than four times this year, although it runs every Saturday from 9 until 1, when they 'ring the bell'.  My summer schedule is booked with out of town trips, a wedding celebration or two, and a number of other sales where I'll be busy.  But my heart will be there and wishing that all the folks who take the time to stop by have a wonderful time.

As for the 'picture'...I 'sketched' it this morning.  I really suck at drawing.  But, I kept a black and white copy and am hopefully going to incorporate it, or part of it, into some polymer clay work.  Not telling just how/where it will end up, but I have a couple of options and ideas I am considering.  (BTW...that's our imaginary blue tent at the really is blue, but I used artistic licence in including it in  the sketch with the aforementioned forgotten top.  Some of the other vendors are not exactly as sketched...but as I said...artist's licence!)

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lainee said...

I love your drawing and painting of the Selkirk Farmer's Market. can draw.