Friday, July 23, 2010

Polymer Clay Button on Quilted Purse

I am like the carpenter with no furniture and the decorator whose house needs a paint job.  I have been making buttons for several years and aside from a few added on to garments that I acturally 'wear', I seldom have examples of  finished works with buttons on them.  Often at sales, I am asked how the buttons I make can be used.  I don't mean to offend, but, umm, well, here is an example.  I realize it doesn't exactly match the colors in the quilted purse here, but I can't MAKE fabric (well, technically that is incorrect...I DON'T have time to make fabric also) so that's why I've used a bit of off-color polymer clay in this sample. 

When I do shows, I hate carrying around a cash box and those 'fanny packs' just don't do it for me, so I use either a draw-string reticule or some make-up bag to keep my float in.  This one has a shoulder thing that I can attach so it can be worn and tucked inside a jacket if I am walking around in an area and want to have my hands free.  It's about 5 1/2 inches, relatively square and has room for the essentials.  I didn't make it, a quilter and I exchanged.

I will still be making the former  "Let's Face It Buttons" with the canes design surrounding the faces, but I also have  this updated version...I've added arched eyebrows.  This one didn't quite meet 'spec' (as she has one eyebrow arched more than the other) but I figured it was the  perfect signature for moi.  As luck would have it, when I have to 'draw' on my own personal eyebrows (mine blond ones have faded into oblivion), I can't see well enough without my glasses on to draw.  As for the finished 'results', (with my glasses on,) sometimes the  brows are quite comical and are rarely symmetrical.

What arch criminal invented far-sightedness for those of us over fifty that want to have eyebrows?

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