Friday, July 16, 2010

Hittin' the road...again

These are some of the mokume gane pendants I'll have available this weekend.  I only did a small stack of mokume having determined that the regular sized stacks I was making yielded far too much of one color group for my liking.  This way, I can make just a few in each color range and save my clay for other things.  It was murder trying to use up the mokume stacks, and in the end, used a good number of my slices for scrap clay.  The other upside of this is that if I am not fond of the color combinations, I haven't wasted a lot of clay.  Not that I am stingy, but I just don't feel the need to have 57 pendants in one color pattern!
I made this batch as cabochons and then worked them into some metal-looking clay. I have found that if I sand and buff the cabochons before they are set into the backgrounds, I can antique the surrounds and then if necessary, use a glaze or other finish on the stuff that doesn't do well with sanding and buffing, and the mokume parts still stay very lustrous without the sticky coating on them which I personally don't care for. 
The bail is in the back...I suppose I should scan that too...maybe I will next time.  That way, it can be worn as a choker or on buna cord or whatever...I like the adaptability aspect. 
NOW it's time to pack up all my stuff, set it near the door so we can make a speedy exit tomorrow morning.  It's about an hour drive to Victoria Beach from here, and it will take me at least an hour and a half to set up, so time will be precious in the morning.

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