Friday, May 7, 2010

Two sides to every fish story

I know I posted this fish a while back, but there is now MORE to the fish story.  (A fish's tale is never completely told!)  I did a couple of scans of it and am proofing it for inclusion in an upcoming magazine.  Hope my scans turn out or this little fishie will have to pose for the 'still-life' camera!  
And I have to get all my fish in a row by Friday (today), as I am going to be working all next week including the weekend of the 15th when I'm teaching my clay class at Poco Beads. 
Speaking of that class, I hope I didn't misinform anyone.  I really wasn't sure of the time, but after connecting with the fun gals at Poco, I realize that the session begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 15th and we hope to finish in three hours.  There is another beading class taking place following my session, so it is really important that we finish so I must insist that all clay be conditioned and sheeted before the class starts.

I took several samples of finished, partly finished and 'preliminary' bits to the store yesterday.  For anyone who would like to see what we're making, drop by Poco Beads and have a lookie.  I can't post the items here, but the necklace I posted recently on this blog is one of the possiblities.  There are a couple other variations that I'll be demonstrating, so it looks like it should be a fun class.

Now, it's off to the drawing board and get all my class details finished. 

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