Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bichons are more brains than brawn

It's time to write about my dog.  She's such a sweet thing and although I am probably biased, she's very smart.  But pudgy.

Today we came home from a 'birthday party' and it was around 6 pm, a little after the time we normally eat and feed the Divine Miss M.  Now, with her being somewhat 'weight challenged', we've tried to wean her off store-bought treats for the past couple of months, and have been treating her with the occasional baby carrots as an alternative.  She loves the crunch, but truth be told, there's nothin' better than somethin' salty ... and not exactly good for one. 

Before she went on her 'diet' of no sodium-laden treats, we had stored some in a plastic bag, all in bite size bits that we kept in the cupboard next to the fridge.  The door on it doesn't lock, but it is normally closed.  It's pretty easy to open, but I didn't think Molly knew the way to open it.  She always knows the treats are in there, but she's actually been pretty good about not 'asking' for any lately.  Until today.

I think she opened the cupboard because when we got home, I noticed that it was open, and neither of the humans in our house would have left that door open before we left for the party.  A minute later, I looked on the floor.  There was the evidence.  The plastic bag of dog treats was on the floor; thankfully it was unopened.  I guess she didn't want to chew on the plastic.  But the bag did have a few 'scratch marks' on it, and the bag appeared to have been crumpled in an unusual way. I am not going to send in the polyethylene package for dna testing (to see if it really was her saliva on it), but next time we go out, I'll leave a carrot on her plate, and one in the cupboard where we formerly kept the bag o' treats.  And I am going to put that bag in a different cupboard, high above her reach.  WE'LL see if something similar happens again. 

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