Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday Time...Are we in the dog days of summer already?

Canada Day in Osborne Village July 1st was wonderful. My vantage point was incredible and the parade of passers-by was much more colorful than if some committee had orchestrated it. Early in the morning, Captain Canada, regaled in silver breast plate and an ornate helmet passed out paper flags to anyone who needed one. About a half hour later, a "Biker Gang" came through, a troup of about fifty septo-or octogenarians who walked their two-wheelers through the village. Despite their support hose and sun-wrinkled skin, they were all alive with lots of spirited fun which they spread to everyone. The real crowds started appearing around noon, with lots of families with young kids in strollers; many of whom had flag tattoos emblazing their faces. And there were plenty of bandana'd dogs with the families...nice that there was a splash pool beside my awning where most of them stopped for a drink, and the occasional splash and splatter. As the day pressed on, the parade's colors grew more and more vibrant, especially the tattoos and hair shades. I'd say it was as interesting as the past few Halloweens around here. Too bad I couldn't stay to watch the fireworks display after was a long time to spend outside but every minute was enjoyable.

The beautiful weather has continued through to today and today it's the turn for my American cousins to celebrate in their country. I got a call early this morning from Wendy who was out at her beach house in Galveston. We'll be getting together next week and having a family reunion here, in celebration of her father's eightieth birthday. More holiday fun.

We'll do the beach thing tomorrow, as we are headed for Victoria Beach where I'll be at the Art Show. Hubby and the Divine Ms. M (for Molly) will be helping to support the East Beaches Animal Shelter collecting pledges from the cottagers and other beach visitors. Molly accompanies him and is sort of like a "poster girl"...she sits so nicely by the information table that everyone wants to visit with her. The kids are all over her and she laps up the attention. In many ways, she is like a rescue dog. When we got her at age nine months, she had already been in four different homes. I can't believe why anyone wouldn't want her, but then again, I am probably somewhat biased, having been her "Mummy" for the past eight years. And she has gradually grown to like me as much as her Daddy now that she is more mature and can obviously see past all the treats he gives her, whereas I give her different kind of attention like nurturing, g-r-r-rooming, massages, and carry out the more trying duties like cleaning her ears, eyes, and tidying up her nether areas.

In preparation for tomorrow's art sale, I have a few new pieces... several books, and this trio of brown/black and copper pieces. I even made some things I rarely make... earrings. There is this fabulous bakery out at that Beach called Enfield's Bakery. The other day there was a newspaper spread about their cupcakes, so I thought I'd honour them with frivolous fashion in the form of cupcake earrings, replete with sprinkles, to celebrate their cupcakes in a lo-cal manner. My cupcakes won't add inches to the waistline, and seeing as the polymer clay is inedible, these particular cupcakes won't require hours of cycling or running along the sandy beach to wear them off at all!

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