Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Hearts; Two Textures

I know I posted earlier about the swap and speediness of the delivery of the items.  Today I received my heart and texture from Kelly. The green grouping is the gorgeous set I got from Kelly and the ivory coffret is part of what I sent.  Is it kind of coincidental that we both did zentangle type of textures, although I think Kelly did her textures before she baked the sheets, whereas I carved mine after the sheet was baked.  I am going to enjoy wearing the heart she sent me as I do have a lot of clothing that is in the aqua and turquoise color palette.  I love the bail she made.  It is soooo cool.  It is kind of like an infinity symbol and embeds in the pendant and then two loops emerge out of the center of the heart..  I have never tried that method  before but it looks like something that I could try out with the sets of jewellery pliers and tools I got as a Christmas gift.

The hearts are similar too, in that they are both textured and have some curly/swirly features.  The one I made is double sided and it opens.  You can't tell from this overhead view, but I tried it several times just to make sure it would close properly.

This was the heart coffret I sent to Kelly.
How lucky I was to be in this swap.  The co-ordinators once again are to be congratulated for administering the group and doing all the behind the scenes organizing.  Having been a swap mistress more than once, I know it 'seems' a lot easier than it is, even if it is all done electronically. 
So Kudos to Tina and Vanessa, and all you others who made this swap so much fun.  Thanks!

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