Friday, February 15, 2013

Cane inspiration

I finally completed reducing and packing all my canes for tomorrow's swap.  I would like to post them all here, but am only going to put one picture here. They are not all the same, but I am including ones similar to this in everyone's package, as well as some 'other' canes to make up the three inches of cane that will be going to each person.  I baked a few slices...guess I wasn't all that attentive to how I sliced them and put them in to  Some are a little darker on one side.  Danged toaster overn.
It is a rather simple looking cane, and probably won't be as terrific as the ones I will be receiving, but it could look good if used in the right configuration. 

I wonder if anyone in the greater Phoenix area knows what inspired this cane?  I realize it doesn't look a lot like the actual source due to the shifting that took place in my reducing, but the inspiration is  architectural and it never fails to intrigue me when I see it.

I would love to be able to make it like it really is supposed to look like, but those who know me realize that I haven't the patience to get all the elements in exactly.  As well, I tend to make rather small canes (in comparison to some people) as I don't have use for lots and lots for production purposes.

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