Monday, October 1, 2012

Hitting the books, polymer style

This is usually the time of year when hubby hosts his walleye derby, but lately he hasn't been holding this tournament.  Inasmuch as he enjoys seeing the fellows and gals out on the "Red", the amount of work involved is immense, and there just aren't enough hours in the day for the two of us to do all the work, especially the last minute sort.  So sadly, no greenbacks were running on the Red this past Saturday.  I did make a little 'commemorative' fish however, and if the derby had gone on, I would think this one would have been a keeper.

This photo shows it a little "greener" than it actually is, but the
Skinner blend does progress through shades of
green to a beauteous blue hue (boo hoo).
Here is the flip side! (It's the chubbier one)
As well as making fish, I have been preparing for a couple of two-day sales in the month of October.  On the weekend of the 12-14th, we will be heading to Dryden where we'll take part in their annual Art and Holiday event at the beautiful Eagle's Landing Country Club.  I'm getting lots of home accent pieces ready as well as making some handbound books.  Here's one that I recently finished:

I don't think I've ever done one in this combination of colors and I am pleased with how it turned out, even though it's very abstract.  The cane slices I used are from two separate 'headdress canes' that I had made and the window  pane part is one element of that.  There is plenty of texture on both covers and the inside has some cool deckled vellum type papers. 

The following weekend (the 19th and 20th) I will be at the Headingley Arts and Crafts Sale in our city.  I decided not to participate in the Scattered Seeds Craft Sale that is normally on at this time.  I did well at it last year, but found that the hours were impractically long for me, and I just couldn't put my body through twelve hours of standing on a concrete floor for successive days.  It is a huge event and throngs of people attend but I opted for the more personal, less crowded event. 

Today, and a couple other days in the next few weeks will find me in the classroom, so intersperse that with Turkey Day on the 8th and there's the makings of a busy month!

It is a beautiful, warm morning and the leaves are all shades of yellow, brown, rust and red...fortunately they are still on the trees.  Would be a lovely day for a drive...who knows.  Maybe someone will treat me to one after school today!

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