Monday, October 29, 2012

Buttons R Us

I have been so remiss about and stuff getting in the way.  This month has been the usual blur right from the get go.  A couple of two day shows, a piggy back event at The Forks (I was on TV for about 3 seconds in the background), a  serious heads-down compacted session of button makinig and a little road trip with my sister have gobbled up this month!  And with four days to go until my next show, I am dealing with a chest cold.  Maybe the frenzied activity has something to do with that, go figure.

Last month I signed up for a journal cover swap and sent the book (the blue and purple one posted in an earlier post) to Colorado Springs.  I received a beautiful set of covers back from my swap partner which (someday) I am going to make into my very own journal.

But no time to think of doing things for meself...gotta get going on inventory for this weekend at the University Women's Club Sale on Westgate.  That is a sale that I love to do each's in a gorgeous mansion in the Gates area and I am going to be in the Wedgwood Room overlooking the River.  Here at home, in between coughing sessions, I have been hard at work supplementing my stock of sale articles.  I've also been trying to make a few fish hangings, but they keep disappearing.  I intend to send them to a gallery in Ontario if  can just keep them in the net!

I mentioned that I spent a few intensive days on button making.  Here is one of the sets that I made for a gal who makes quilted bags.  She sent me swatch images and I tried my best to match up the fabrics.  That's why there are several in each color grouping. 

I apologize for the dark backgroud and the fact that the scan is upside down.  I actually sewed these onto cardstock so that I could mail them in a big Tyvek envelope.  I hope they arrived safely.  I packed some sheets of fiberfill between and on either side of the cardstock.  Maybe she can use the fiber fill in her purses, lol.  Normally I put each button on an individual card, but didn't need to do that as they are all going to the same person. 
Now I am considering what I will do with my day today.
Option One:  Pull a Ferris Buhler today and phone in sick.  But since I am the principal and the teacher and the student all in one...who you gonna call?  (How can you tell I caught a few minutes of Ghost Busters this weekend?)
Option Two:  Keep my laptop in bed with me and watch the coverage of Sandy.  I hope "she" decides to change her mind and turn east into the ocean and disappear. 
Option three: Go to my clay table and roll my last couple of packages of clay for light switch covers. 
Stay tuned for the results! 

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