Monday, June 20, 2011


Well these aren't exactly new pendants, just a revamping on a similar idea I've been toying with for a couple of years.  This time I whipped up a couple of colors, including a few of the new Premo shades, which I of course adapted through blending and such, and decided to try some textures instead of the same old same old reflections pendants.  In this particular series, I used only three basic colors and added funky textures. With the different textures and color placements I was able to do several perms and combs (no that is NOT hairstyling jargon) in composing a lot of various pendants.  For the textures on the upper layers, I used a sheet of foam protective material (like shelf liner), a piece of copper wire mesh and the small holes on the cheese grater.  How cheezy is that.  For the background bronzy part I used one of my favorite wallpapers and then brushed some Pearl-Ex combined with Fimo Pulver to create an interesting as yet undefined metal.  Add that to your Periodic Chart Dimitri Medeleev...The pendants look almost metallic until they are touched and then the clay reveals itself.  I am in the midst of preparing for a very busy week and weekend, so this post is short.

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Its All About Creating said...

You know how I love textures, so this post was fabulous. Awesome piece, as always.