Friday, June 17, 2011

Crazy Days of Almost Summer

With the summer solstice less than a week away, it is high time for me to really get the motors in gear and get lots of stuff  done while the days are long.  We have many things on our plates these days, with the year end at school, visiting relatives, school reunions to attend, camp projects to plan, book club meetings, and did I mention that next weekend is the start of the summer market days?  My inventory is at a critical low and it is in desperate need of replenishing.  This sort of explains my absense from the blogworld lately, but I thought I'd steal a few seconds and at least post, even if I didn't have a picture. 

Days have been scheduled almost down to the minute and of course I don't stick to them absolutely, but at least writing To Do lists gives me an idea of things to prioritize so that I can keep my head above water.  I'd love to call the lists TA DAH lists, but that would mean everything was done. 

And so, since it is Friday, I'll call this a TaDah! because at least I got a little blog done!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to post after my next three days of heads-down concentrated work!

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