Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy

With fishing season about to start in about two weeks, I figured I'd better get these little pin-up critters out of the way so they don't get caught.  I will be in a show this weekend at the Fort Whyte Centre and will be surrounded by all sorts of fauna.  Last year, I was located right by the fish tank and when passers-by weren't passing by, I got to have some really close looks at a lot of the species that inhabit the areas in our neck of the woods. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful and there will be lots of people to chat with and I won't have time (or the inclination) to talk to the fish in the tanks.  I don't think my species looks like any of the reel fish; I thought about making up a taxonomic rundown of the species, but got caught up in the very first category of Eukarya.  Seems my fish don't fit the definition having no cells of their own and even more specifically, no nuclei!  Guess they'll just have to exist in MY domain, lol.

The show, sponsored by the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library  is at the Fort Whyte  Alive Centre.  Here are the details: 

Events For May 1 and  2, 2010

Artisan Market    10 am to 4 pm

Bring your shopping bag and fill it with beautiful and functional creations from the hands and minds of some of Manitoba’s finest artists. This juried craft sale offers a beautiful array of jewellery, clothing, accessories, decorations, and more. Just in time for Mother’s Day, pick up that perfect gift for Mom and yourself. Presented by the Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library.

This wall fish is very close to my heart...I tried to 'humaneyes' it giving it some feminine characteristics.  I realized when I was making its lips how my daily make-up routine plays a part in my fish creations.  The pearlized lip rounds and the darker outline are a part of the regimen I use on my own face.  I never realized how its make-up mimics my own habits.  Except the botox look is easier to achieve on the polymer clay fish!  Ya just put a little stuff underneath and build up the lips until even Julia Roberts would be jealous!

It's a pretty good-size, measuring about 11 1/2 inches not including the wire-fin extensions, and depending on its species name (real or fictional) might just be a 'keeper'. 

This other side is a bit more color-intense but still has the 'rainbow trout' appeal. I made the entire Skinner Blend first and used one part for the first side, (actually this one) and spliced another bit of it to create the second side, with a bit more pearl added to it to make the coloring less intense. 

It can hang against a window, so it is visible from both sides.  The non-sliding window to our patio is just crying for a little decoration (other than the dog's nose-prints) and if this doesn't sell this weekend, I know exactly where it is going to end up!


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