Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Button Mania

Over the weekend, I participated as a vendor in the Quilt Exhibit at the CanadInn in Polo Park.   It was a huge show, and the hours were very long.  Lots of gorgeous quilts and I think the folks who put on the show were happy with the turnout.  The weekend was lovely weather wise, and I had an opportunity to re-aquaint with lots of the gals (and a few guys) who have taken an interest in quilting.  It was a lot of work preparing for the show, as I had only been home for four full days before we had to set up, and my button inventory wasn't as large as I would have liked. 
All in all though, it was a great way to spend the weekend.  Had to miss the Masters Golf tournament, but was kept up to date on the proceedings by checking on my Blackberry every now and then as well as getting calls from hubby who was very tuned into it. I would love to get out and golf myself...the courses are all open here and the weather is good enough for those of us who like a breezy walk.  There are all kinds of reasons why I can't go...among them the fact that I still haven't totally unpacked all my stuff from this winter's journey.  One of these days though...

These are a few of the buttons I had photo'd prior to the show.  Of course they're gone now but I do know how to make more.  I am thinking of a few new themes and if I get a chance to finish some, I may get them up here. 

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Anonymous said...

Love your buttons Pat! Wish I was up there...I love quilts! Weather here is windy and in the upper 70's and low 80's...not ready for it to warm up. I have been enjoying the spring weather which we don't have a lot here. Getting ready for the guild meeting. I have been playing with Tina Holden's new tutorial...Batik Shimmer...love it! We will miss not seeing you at the guild meeting.

Lupe Meter