Sunday, March 7, 2010

One More Fish to Fry

After having completed a monumental commission, I finally had a chance to do something just because.  I love making fish as they can be whatever I want.  This two sided fish is about eight inches in length, so not quite a keeper under normal fish regulations, but still probably heavy enough to be one. I am still going to be adding a few more details to it, backfilling and perhaps adding a few more decorations to the green side, but the initial "lure" has been cast. 

One of my relatives once recommended that I make fishing lures, but for the life of me, couldn't bear to make them, knowing that most of them (if they were actually used) would end up in the bottom of some lake somewhere.  I do know there was some popularity of polymer made fishing lures some years ago, but that was not one of my  exercises.

Today, I'll be watching the Oscars...wondering if one of the few movies I saw in the last 12 months will have any representatives in the winner category.  I did see Meryl Streep in the Julie and Julia flick...enjoyed that last summer.  Although hubby (who has seen nearly every movie put out in the last three years) thinks that she'll be ousted by Mo'nique.  We shall see in a bit.

On the movie note, the other day, I celebrated the completion of my monumentous task and went out on a Frabjous day (?) to see Alice in Wonderland.  When we entered the theatre, the 'senior' ticket usher asked if we were going to "Cialis" and I wondered if that should be a buzzline for the movie.  Then when I asked him if that was a pun, I realized he was hearing impaired.  So the joke was just for one.  Perhaps the makers of Cialis can use Johnny Depp for some publicity?

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Your fish have such them!