Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year New Work...sort of

I know this is similar to the book styles I've made in the past, but I did usde a few different "tools" to make the cover details.  Several years ago I picked up a piece of stuff on a Florida Beach and it made its way to my home, sitting for years in a box of other shells that I use on occasion as texturing material in my polymer clay works.  In this, I tried to emulate the tube like details of the piece.  I don't exactly know what the organism was called, or if it was its shell, casing or whatever, but I thought it looked cool so I attempted to include it as part of the cover interests.

I am still getting accustomed to the technology of using the Blackberry to take photos and them download them to the laptop.  Not being accustomed to the photo program that's installed in this thing, I had to sort of feel my way through this entry and hope it works okay.  I realize the quality of the photo isn't that great but after all, ya gotta start somewhere.

We are settled in to the warmth of the desert southwest now, and I understand it's just in time.  The weather back home must be incredibly cold...all we hear are the windchill factors that make the folks around here shudder.  They can't believe that people can actually exist where the temperature never goes above freezing for five or six months.  I have to admit that I don't like the cold, but if that's what you're accustomed to, then that's how you live.  Its all a matter of adjusting.  I guess that's like finding my comfort zone with these new toys that I am still learning about.

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