Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Read all about it!

Okay, so it's the old gag...what's black and white...blah...But I did have a fun time making this black and white necklace.  It's a take-off of the summer style necklace that I made last July (and have made a few similar ones since).  It is a challenge to find the right kind of beads to use as spacers because it is fairly long...about 26 inches..but in keeping with the lightweight idea many of the beads are 'empty' or with smaller beads in the openings. That also makes it fun, because the other beads can spin around, allowing various different views.  It's also simple to wear.  Just pop it over your head and walllaah!

I am looking forward to participating in another Victoria Hughes workshop this weekend in conjunction with the Arizona Polymer Clay Guild.  Unfortunately, due to a family commitment (um....couldn't the NFL change the date of the Superbowl) I won't be able to attend her class on hinges as well.  I did purchase a number of metal 'findings' that I hope to make into hinges...we'll see how that goes without Tory's incredible input.  If one of them does work out, I hope to post it on here.

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