Sunday, December 13, 2009

Que la lumière soit!

There IS light at the end of the polymer tunnel...I can almost see it now!  I just finished a large number of covers for one order and have another gargantuan one to do, but then, just a few more things and then that should be it!

The theme for this person's condo is distinctly Asian, so in addition to finding a few of my related stamps that I had been saving for JUST THIS OPPORTUNITY, I also made a small cane for "good luck" and attached it to the back of the switchplates.  Sort of reminds me of the horseshoes that used to hang over the doors in homes way back when.  I don't know if it's calligraphically correct, but I tried.  I also included the  cane in some of the plug covers.  Actually I even worked it into the design on one of them. 

The next sets of plates that I have to do are for the rocker type switches, which leaves less room to play/clay so the styles will be much less 'busy' and hopefully I can come up with a suitable design to make them 'interesting'. 

It's really strange...I've been making light switch covers for several years now, and sales were usually 'light'... about four or five at each event.  Lately however, they've literally been moving at a much faster pace, (I was going to say at the speed of ... um ...light) and I've had to make lots and lots more as samples.  I decided to start taking orders for them too, and have set up a form so that folks can just circle the type (i.e. rocker, toggle, plug or whatever) and jot down the color or special information about them.  Makes things a WHOLE lot easier.  Of course, I make them all from scratch, and never know exactly how they are going to turn out.  I just hope the folks that get them are satisfied. 

On a sad note, I had to miss my last two batik classes due to other commitments.  Well, one was sortof 'changed' by the administrating group without notifying the participants.  I was a little miffed to find that out, because I had planned everything around taking part in it, and now it already happened, last Monday, unbeknownst to moi.  Oh well, I hope I remember enough from the one class I did get to do.  If not, I'll have to do a 'retake' if they offer the session again.

So now, it's time to finish my last orders and then I can clean up around here.  Oh yah, I do have all most of my shopping done.  Just the wrapping and fol-de-rol stuff is left.  At least I don't have to trudge through the malls or battle the exhaust from the vehicles out here in the very cool snap that's befallen us lately.  Fortunately there's not a lot of snow to shovel, just ice to negotiate.  I dunno what's worse!

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