Saturday, April 18, 2009

Buttons, Quilts and Fort Whyte Alive

Whew! The first of the two weekend events is today! Somehow, between television interviews (not mine but hubby's), teaching and running around like the proverbial headless chicken, we got everything organized. Oh yah, and did I mention two of our access road entry ways to our home are closed due to flooding?

Well, it takes more than a flood to stop some people, but I hope it doesn't stop the folks out there from coming to either of the shows. The buttons pictured here are part of some of the ones I made for Noreen, a member of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters. She's a member of the group that's organizing their International Quilting Event today. Unfortunately, the folks from North Dakota are still experiencing flooding, and their drive here will have to be a circuitous route, but hopefully it won't prevent them from attending the gathering.

Later on today and all day tomorrow, I'll be at the Fort Whyte Alive Centre, amongst the exhibitors at the Artisan's Market. There,I'll have a wider selection of my art work. It's a varied collection, with books, jewelry, home accent pieces and wall art. It is a little cool outside, but then again, cool is good for the flood conditions.

Now, to get dressed and then off to somewhere...

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Mixed Media Martyr said...

Wow! Love these buttons, they make you think of pottery!!