Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time to Play with the Triplettes

This past Friday was the big workshop where we made polymer clay book covers and tried to get it all done in one short day. The covers the participants made were awesome, but we ran into a few snafus which prevented everything from getting completely finished within the time frame. The venue was great with one exception...the power source couldn't accommodate enough ovens for everyone's work so it was impossible to get the covers done in the scheduled time. Of course, this meant that we had to rush at the end, and as a result, some of the tougher steps (like binding) couldn't get done to everyone's satisfaction before we had to leave. I felt rather badly about this, but it was beyond my control (the time and the power problem) so hope that the workshop was meaningful for the participants. The class was overfull., and maybe this will transfer to the kids out there and there will be a lot of students working with polymer clay in the coming months.

During the workshop, my friend did the paper cutting for the signatures, and although we tried to do it as frugally as possible with little waste, there were some three inch squares left over from each sheet as the signatures were cut. So I decided to use them for some fun artwork...instead of just using them as scraps for writing telephone messages.

For some time, I have been "toying" with drawing anime-like figures, and now with the popularity of this type of drawing ever on the increase, I figured I'd better get on with mine. So, here, on three little pieces of paper, I present, Darla, Marla and Starla. (Gosh I am glad I never had to name children...I would be hopeless in allocating a name for a person that would have to stick for a lifetime!) I did these very quickly this morning, and they are basically just faces, with "wigs" that can come off in case they need to change hats or hairstyles...or colors or whatever. Maybe I can even transfer the faces to polymer clay and make up some little angels or dolls. Who knows what adventures lie ahead for these Triplettes?

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