Friday, November 21, 2008

Jewelry fit for a Prince of Denmark

In an attempt to create a more substantial vessel for wearing or using as wall art, I've created these vessels which have bottoms made of papier maché and lids of decorative polymer. They were fun to make.

The reason why I went to a bigger size than the usual match box was to accommodate a book inside. The one pictured here has an ultrasuede cover and looks a little bluer than it really is.

I have another polymer book to go with the Bronzy-purply container. It's a difficult colour to describe but looks very rich and shimmery. The skirted effect on the lid is very free and not "confining" at all.

The tiny books that go inside are for keeping pictures. They average about 25-30 pages of cardstock. They would also be ideal for keeping important notes to self...or even quotes.

Speaking of quotes, I had an opportunity to watch about an hour's worth of a dvd of Hamlet yesterday when I was in a grade twelve English class. It's been years since I studied that myself, but I was surprised at how familiar many of the passages were. The production was the one with Julie Christie as Gertrude and Kate Winslett as Ophelia. It was a magnificent
performance. I just may have to go and rent the dvd so see it right through.

Whaddya think Hamlet...which one for Rosencrantz and which one for Guildenstern??? Or would you keep them both for yourself?


Tina Holden said...

Nice vessels Fishy! big are they if a book fits inside...still hard to picture without measurement.

Pat Sernyk said...

Hey TKnee, the vessels are about an inch and a half high and about the same width. The books are "inchies" and just barely fit inside. Just enough room to write an important phone number or email addy.