Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well I realize now that I have been "tagged" by a couple of people lately and I am supposed to respond so I'd better get busy and get my boots in gear!

Being tagged means I need to publish seven little know facts about myself. I don't know if there
is that much to say, but I am sure I can share seven things.

I have always loved to make things and had an early start by doing what I call my "cave art". Before I could go to school, I used to get up before my parents did and did things like "draw" with lipstick on the mirror of our bathroom's "medicine cabinet".

I guess I wasn't punished severely enough for that because a few years later I used crayons to draw lines on the wallpaper in the sewing room and did some "sample" writing on that. My cousin came over and asked if I always did my kindergarten homework on the walls in my house.

My next invention was a forerunner to the paper cutters that are now all the rage in the scrapbooking trends. We only had one pair of good scissors in the house, and my Mom, a fabric specialist, wouldn't let me use them for cutting paper, as she was determined I would make them dull. So, being the "intuitive type" I found my own ways to cut shapes out of paper using a straight pin and the groove in the sewing machine, where the machine part butts up against the cabinet. I would put my paper over the "slot" and run the pin over it and could cut straight or jagged edges in my papers. Who knew that people actually "invented" a similar tool some forty years later!

When I was in high school, I became the "decorator". I was chosen by my classmates to "wrap" a gift for our teacher, and in so doing, used saran wrap over the package to provide a glossy finish to the tacky gift wrap I had been given. The teacher had a helluva time getting the package open, and perhaps that gave way to the direction some of my polymer clay work has gone recently.

While in University, I studied Science, but was always interested in the workings of the other side of my brain, and was also the "Publicity" chairman for the Council. It was my job to make posters and signs to advertise and promote all the functions that were taking place, and this was the beginning of my murals/painting/calligraphy phase of my work. I still love to do this type of work, and someday envision myself "tagging" a train with pastels or some other media.

During the many years of my teaching career, I had an opportunity to travel a great deal over the summers and during vacation time. Seeing the works of the masters at several galleries in London, Paris, Rome and Spain is certainly inspiring. In fact, this became my inspiration for making lots of "poster" size paintings for wall murals and stage settings at the schools I taught in. One of my backdrops, made in 1989, is still being used for Christmas musicals in the school division. Unlike Michelangelo who painted the ceiling on his back in the Sistine Chapel, I painted this mural lying on my stomach in my basement. Same idea, different position.

Now I am into, I don't read at all, I am not now, and never could get into novels. So now I just make them from polymer clay and bind them, leaving the journalling to others. Like the one pictured above which I recently gave to cousin Elaine. She had plans of going to Texas this winter, and sadly, due to her husband's untimely death, she won't be going this year. But with the book ready for her to keep notes of her travels, hopefully she can get her boots on and do some line dancing which she loves!

Okay, I think that's seven things...Now to get to a sale in an hour!

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