Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finding the buttons

Here is the collaged jacket that Quilter Judy Morningstar created recently. She did it as a commission and asked me to make unique buttons for it. You'll have to look really closely to see where they are, but if you treat it like a "Where's Waldo" exercise, you'll find them.

Funny thing is, that when she contacted me about making the buttons, our monitor was not working up to snuff and I really couldn't see the colours in the swatches she sent in her emails. So I made up a couple of sets of buttons on spec, and after a few horrific postal experiences, the buttons eventually found their way to Judy's studio and onto the jacket they went.

Judy's work is gorgeous, and friends tell me that her quilting classes are always exciting. I'm thrilled she asked me to make buttons for her and am looking forward to making more.

Judy Morningstar travels all over the country teaching quilting techniques, and the collage work she does in fabric is extraordinary. You can read about some of her quilting experiences at

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