Friday, June 6, 2008

Bookmaker, Bookmaker, Make me some books

Last weekend we took a little road trip and while hubby was driving, I had an opportunity to complete some books that had all the elements prepared save for the binding.
Since I hate to waste precious moments when there's stuff to be done, I decided to bind them and add the beads to the sides. Besides, I have seen that prairie scenery MANY times, and other than the usual comments about special roadside rocks and things, there isn't much new on that horizon.

The larger ivory with the map-like surface treatments is my favourite of this group. It has some interesting mokume gane details in it, but they are hard to see. They're rather subtle. I used a new kind of ink in the ivory mix to produce an almost soapstone effect. The books are filled with archival parchment in an off-white tone that blends nicely with the faux ivory.
I also completed another tangerine and green book that I may get around to posting on here someday. It has a curvy bottom (sounds kinky but not) and some cool textural elements on the covers.

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Mixed Media Martyr said...

He he he! This reminds me of my Mum knitting in the car on long journeys when I was young. Love these covers too! Love them all in fact! I love the wonderful texture and weathered look that you get to the clay!