Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reflections on Quilt Reflections

Whew! Now that is what I call an exhausting nine days! Five days of super -intensive work making buttons at the clay table, and one day in kindergarten, followed by three very long but superbly satisfying days at the Quilt Reflections Seminar and I am spent!

The good things? There were many, but to list a few...Transporting a whole lot of buttons to the show was easy. The containers were small, very portable and with minimal display fixtures our set-up and take-down was a breeze. Working with a partner whose work was complementary and whose demeanor was compatible made for a very pleasant time when there were no visitors to the booth. We talked about everything from cuteness, to categorizing certifiability and Icelandic Tenors and their roles.

The great things? so much about the week end was great...In particular, meeting all the wonderful people, rekindling friendships with everyone from Grade Four School chums, to former teaching buddies to snowbirds from the same commune was terrific. Seeing all the wonderful, innovative, colourful, incredible quilts that were overpowering that the colours that registered on my brain wouldn't let me fall asleep for three nights; even though my exhausted body was pleading for rest. Above all, the organization of the show was probably the most efficient I have ever seen...Several standing ovations go to the Members of the Prairie Quilters Guild and all their volunteers...white gloved or not. And to all those supporters who "liked" my buttons ...thanks big time.

The down side? It's over and now it's a two year wait for the next big quilt show around here. Needing sleep and no time to "fix" unruly hair seemed unimportant.
Epilogue: After a good night's rest tonight and the day to unpack everything, I hope to post more tomorrow, including a few pictures of some of the memorable quilts that were there!

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