Thursday, April 10, 2008

More buttons to I panic-stricken yet?

We arrived home from our snowbirding to a ton of snow and work to do! It just never quits, but I guess I am happy to be busy.

I really wanted to post more, but not having a computer handy it was not that easy! And one hour a day at the library just wasn't enough to even keep up with email.

All is back to normal now, and of course, I am in the throes of getting ready to strut my buttons this weekend at the Quilt Reflections show here. It's a big deal and I am so lucky to have a space there...didn't think I'd be in it because when I had applied last fall, all the major spots had been allocated to big enterprises and the few small vendor spots were already assigned. Well as luck (good or bad, depends on how you look at it) would have it, there was a cancellation and we were next in line for the spot. Sooooo...guess who has been madly pushing buttons into the oven and working like crazy getting the labels and pricing done.

There must be four hundred buttons on my kitchen table now...Good thing buttons aren't that hard to carry around. The ones pictured above are just a wee sample of the variety and colour mixes in the buttons box...Let's hope they go well with the quilts at the show.


Sandy said...

Welcome back Pat - I kept checking on your site to see what you were up to. It'll be good to see more of your work again!



Pat Sernyk said...

Hey Sandy and all you "frozen fritters"...
It's good to be back in the great white north...fortunately (for whom I don't know) some arcane wits decided it would be good to have a mini snow storm to remind us what it was like to have white ground cover.
In the meantime, I have been up to here making buttons for the Quilt Reflections seminar which went very well this weekend.
Thanks for the welcome!
More to follow in the next few days after I get my sanity back and have unpacked my bags!'s nearly a week now and I've almost run out of things to wear!