Sunday, July 19, 2015

Around the world in five (campy) days

Tomorrow the fun begins. As part of a group of four art-minded adults, we will be offering a summer camp activity for youth in Stonewall, Manitoba at the Quarry Interpretive Centre.  My block of time will be art forms from five continents using polymer clay as a medium. It's rather a mixed (travel) bag, but will involve lots of hands on activities to keep the young-uns away from technology for a few hours each day. 
Our first stop is South America so I plan on making these folksy parrot-type sculptures that can either be suspended from a hook or hang on a wall. In the session we will form the body and do some simple caning for the wing and tail.  As well, we will make a bit of faux wood for the branch/perch for the Polly to sit upon. (Lol -a "Polly"mer Clay Polly).  Would love to make ocarinas too, but the time frame won't permit.  So I will just have to practice playing the little clay ocarina I got from Peru a few years ago. 

I hope to post some of the kids' compositions here so stay tuned. 

Off to pack my gear!

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