Monday, May 11, 2015

Fishing season opener

So, the fishing season  of"fish"ally began this past weekend, but to bh's dismay, the weather was way too cool for him to go out on the waters.  His friends braved the conditions, though, and of course, the fish were jumping into the boats.  (So they say...they're fishermen and of course the truth is somewhat questionable.)

That aside, I did a little fish locating of my own and found this pescatorial present in my clay oven today. 
Of course, there's another side which is a little different. This fishy had a Botox injection in the lips 
Sorry my hand and the dining room got in the way.  I was trying to hold the fish in one hand and the iPad camera in the other, and couldn't deal with all the shaking of the dog wanting to see the fish up close. That Daisy is a verrrry inquisitive little one.

This weekend I will be going up to one our fabulous lake beaches for the first rural sale of the season.  I hope this stringer of fish and other beachy things will lure folks to my booth. Of course I will have other hangings, a few new books, and the usual assortment of this and that.  

Hope to see a few of my friends this Saturday at Winnipeg Beach. It is after all, the of"fish"al cottage opening weekend...and since the weather's been a little better than last year, hopefully it will be a great long weekend. 

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