Tuesday, February 10, 2015

For the birds, continued

So yesterday was my first post in ages, and here I am today, with a bit of a follow up.  

This is what I am doing with the birdhouse cane.  The completed bookmark just to the left of center is for the neighbour who is the birdhouse collector. The others with flowers will be also become bookmarks, while the little one at the top left is a charm that I will use to embellish something. 

In my last post, I mentioned that that I had seen birdhouses on Cindy Leitz' polymer clay tutorials.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe that was also where she demonstrated the bookmark hook similar to what I have here. To see the way Cindy explains her method, here is the link: 


Speaking of birds, when I went out with Daisy  this morning, We were greeted with the sweetest of bird songs. I guess that means  spring can't be far away in some places!

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