Saturday, November 22, 2014

What a day for a "Daisy" break.

So our little girl is five months old and she loves the kids in the neighbourhood. She doesn't mind the cold, if it's just around freezing and she adores shovelling the snow with her little nose. She's a little difficult to see here, but she's definitely out there. 

Today, while out for a mid morning stroll, the kids took a short time out from their street hockey game to stop to say hi to her.  I swear, if she knew how to hold a hockey stick she would play too. No doubt she could steal the puck in her mouth and could fend off the entire opposition if she was allowed off the lead. But that's not going to happen. 

She usually times her late afternoon outings to be in synch with the same kids when they're walking home from school.  She stands on her hind feet in our front yard watching for them turning the corner onto our street. They all yell "Daisy!" And she starts wagging her tail waiting for them to give her a little back rub. 

One more good thing...the kids play street hockey practically everyday for an hour or more while it's light out.  Since it's Saturday, they've been playing for nearly two hours already. Such a nice change from the run of the mill staying inside being occupied by video games as many nine and ten year olds are prone to these days.

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