Friday, July 26, 2013

The aliens have landed

After a hectic July, we have news.  This little group of aliens have arrived!They have names but I never thought to write them down.  This collection  of extraterrestrial visitors was created by a group of youngsters at the recent (and on-going until today) Art Camp that I was doing down at the Stonewall Quarry Park about 40 kilometers from here. 

Along with the aliens, the kids made nebular canes (which they used to decorate pens and the creatures you see here), they made a light switch of celestial quality and we are working on
"Captain's Log Books".  It is hoped that these will be used  to recount the journeys and happenings that the little creatures embark upon during their visit on this planet. 

This has been a great experience with only one regret.  The polymer clay class lasts 1.5 hours and that is just not enough time for enthusiastic kids to complete their projects.  With the assistance of the director and the parents we lengthened the last few days to a two hour class and probably should try to make the sessions even longer.  Maybe the next camp we will opt for an entire afternoon, which will mean more relaxed claying time, and not so much 'hurry up to get done'.  It would also give us more time to work on additional projects. 

Stay tuned for further communication.  Beam us up!!!

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