Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lighting up the place

So last night (Canada Day Celebration) after coming back from the weekend's 'festivities' we drove down to the Waterfront (actually it was the Red River) to watch the fireworks after the sun set.  Many people in the south don't realize that it stays light here until well after 10 pm (at least for a while yet) and the fireworks show didn't start until 11 pm.  To be honest, I was not that impressed, having seen better displays years ago in France and other countries.  It was inspiring though, and I did take a couple of videos with my camera.  Unfortunately, lots of things (like recently constructed buildings) were in the way.  I suppose we could have changed our vantage point, but once we were there, we were kind of hemmed in and couldn't really move until after the show.  Next year, we will watch from a different angle.  Then they'll probably move the place where they set off the display.

In any case, all the hoopla is done for another year.  I managed to make some 'light covers' though, for a gal who wants to match up the colors in her décor.  She requested green, lime, teal, orange and purple so this is what I came up with. 
I apologize for cutting the edge off the top right hand one.  In the original scan it was all there but while transforming it in my photo edit program, I chopped it off. 

While I am on the subject of 'transformations', I noticed that I am not able to access my picture files in the same method as I formerly did.  I am not going to try to understand what happened; all I know is that I now have to include an extra step when I want to make pictures available to post to this blog.  It is somewhat disconcerting, as I don't have a lot of time to mess around with that kind of thing.  But as I am not a certified expert, (certifiable yes, certified no) in the field of computerness, I will just have to make do with things as they are. 

I still have a number of these to complete, in double and triple format, but I thought I would check with the potential owner to see if these were suitable before I go whole hog into producing the larger plates.  At least now that the holidays are here, I can work on them sort of at my leisure and not have to burn the midnight oil in my "studio" which has less than adequate light at the best of times. 

So I will try to post to this blog a little more frequently now that we're in summer mode.  No 'job' commitments to speak of except for camp which runs from July 22 to 26.  That should be a blast!

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