Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Word Invention (I think) almost the first to be aware of the new 'phrase/word' I think I've coined.  Mr. Webster, are you listening?

I coined the word for to use with friends, family members or confidantes with whom you can enjoy a little food, frivolity, fuming and whatever else is on your mind.

It is   "GALA-VENTING"  So the gala part is that you can go to a place with a gal pal, that need not be fancy (but it could, depending on your budget) and the venting part comes in...well I don't need to explain that too, do I?

My mom, who would be slightly over 101 now, always used to accuse us of going 'galavanting' and I was never sure of its precise definition.  So I changed it a little, and made up my own definition. 

I  think it should belong to the genre of words that is peculiar to family members...we had lots of them that no one else understood.  I didn't realize how colorful some of them were until I used them with those who didn't really know me ... and the words were completely foreign to them as well as others. 

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