Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love it, Don't love it

Well, of course I am not doing what I I got caught up with the scanner features and just had to post this.  I was preparing some background cards for my buttons and had some leftover scraps.  So I decided to put them on the scanner in a kind of haphazard woven effect and this is what came up!  It is a little hard to see here, particularly since the image is in such frothy pastel colors, but I need to be able to print over the finished paper so do not want anything too defined, lest it interfere with the typed information.   But just another way to play when it's too cold to really play (golf or whatver!)  And I do love this one feature of my new all in one scanner...but let me also mention that sometimes it just doesn't do what I want...or maybe we both are too stubborn for each other, lol.

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