Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Wedding Book

With the weather changes we've been experiencing here the past couple of days, it is apparent that Fall is fast approaching.  Even the leaves have started to turn--something we noticed as we took a drive yesterday.  It seems they changed almost overnight.  They aren't in full colour yet, but soon...

Fall weddings are certainly something to behold.  We ourselves got married in the throes of a really cold winter, and if we could do it all over again,  fall would have been a much better choice, lol.    One of our cousins is getting married soon, and I volunteered to make their guest book.  I didn't do it in the traditional white, but used the colors suggested by the couple for the covers.

I made the little pen and the holder to accompany the book.The approximately 100 pages inside are a nice quality paper with a beautiful deckle on the edge.  I also did a little calligraphy on the title page, while others were left blank.

The pen is a standard style pen that I've made quite often, but I usually don't add as many flowers and decorations.  Heck...this is a wedding and if you can't go for "BIG" on that celebration day, when are ya gonna? 

I should've added "Ever vine" cuz I did intertwine some vines on this page after it had been photographed!

And speaking of "BIG", some of you know that I am a Sex and the City fan, and have the movie on my DVD almost all the time.  I put it on when I can't sleep (not that it's boring).  Big seemed to like this Beethoven quote, and so I thought I'd add it here.

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