Monday, August 20, 2012

Preparing for a three day sales event (Morden here we come!)

I realize that light switch covers similar to this have been posted on this blog before, but I snapped these quickly with my Blackberry just before I decided to post.  I am getting ready for Morden (and another sale on September 1st) and I don't have much time to set up apparatus and do a proper photo shoot.  Besides, with my 'stuff' all over the dining room and overflowing into the living room, finding a place in the house with good lighting is becoming difficult. 

It absolutely confounds me how much TIME is involved in getting ready for events such as these. Of course the initial time involved in making my polymer and mixed media items is the first consideration, but the  preparation and  other things that are involved in setting up for the sale is the most misleading.   I doubt that the people who visit us in the venues consider the making of appropriate carding, the attaching to cards,  the packaging, the pricing, the packing up and schlepping all the stuff to the sale require an inordinate amount of time and energy.  Thanks to hubby's driving to the venue, I will at least have a couple of extra hours to do some of the carding and attaching that is usually done last minute.  I have my little basket of scissors, tags, thread and assorted paraphernalia all ready to go with me in the front seat and have my 'list' of stuff to take in a place where I can check it off easily.  Fortunately, we do not have to set up our own tent at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival.  It takes long enough once we arrive to unload the car, set up the tables, drape the tables and display fixtures, arrange the lighting and try to remember how to position the items to make optimal use of the 10 by 10 spot allocated to us. 

Setting up is always exhausting, and at Sioux Narrows, a minor tragedy befell us.  As I was wheeling some stuff from the car into the building, one of my boxes with a large glass structure slipped from where it had been precariously positioned in the booth onto the cement floor, and of course I don't have to tell the rest.  The piece is not salvageable, except as a garden decoration for one of my friends.  I am hoping she will be able to grind down the glass part to something wild and extraordinary, and let the polymer part become yet another piece in her already enchanting wooded garden. I realize now that I should have packed that in a more secure box...but it was a large structure and...oh well...

Hopefully, all will fall into place this weekend, (notwithstanding the unfortunate event of last sale) and that all items, including the fragile ones, will make it to their spot in the display without a mishap.  At least these light switch covers are durable as "rock" and should not suffer any hardships in transport.

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