Saturday, August 18, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

As usual, my life is many things happening, so much to do, so many things undone.  So what do I do?  Make buttons, among other things.  We had a wonderful but short visit to Wisconsin after the fabulous visit to Sioux Narrows and since then, well...our lives have been a blur.  How anyone could be bored in this life is beyond me.

On my clay table have have been many items, as I am trying to augment my stock.  Taking two weeks off from claying really shows inventory-wise, especially when I have two weekend sales coming up shortly.  Here are some of the buttons I have been working on.   I realize this group is a rather unharmonious collection, but I am constantly having to make up new and different styles. For me, I just like to make them up as I go along.  I find if I put too much "thought" into them, they look contrived and that is not the effect I am trying to acheieve.  Most of these here have snippets of leftover canes in them, and a few sort of hint at Halloween, but with one event coming up next Friday, I have to have all sorts of styles ready. 

I will be in the Morden Corn and Apple Festival Arts and Craft Tent in the same location that I have been in for the past couple of years.  I am hoping the weather will be nice.  If it is like today, it will be just perfect.  Not too hot, and partly cloudy, but just pleasant enough for folks to enjoy all the carnival-like atmosphere. 

That town is so friendly...the last time I was there was nearly three months ago when we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.  Coincidentally, they were having a car show on the main street...Seems they love to close off their main thoroughfare to just have a wonderful time in that town.  My nephew had his spiffy new vehicle on display. 

As well, I have been trying to keep up with making light switch covers. I have about two dozen that are waiting to be finished right now.  Some need antiquing, some need sanding and buffing--like I life is a blur. 

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