Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flat Out

Today was not a normal day. 

Did you know that you can put your back out just picking up a bowl off the table at breakfast?  That was what happened to DH this morning after we finished our delicious French Toast breakfast.  He was in sheer agony and flat out on his back for about four hours until the pain 'miraculously' subsided.  It just went away, or at least 90% of the pain did.  Thank goodness. 

So, with that behind us, around noon, hubby decided he needed to go to exchange some picture frames he had purchased a few days ago.  I asked him to wait for me because I also needed to pick up a couple of items.  Good thing I went.  As we were driving along on the freeway, we heard a sudden "pop".  DH thought it sounded like the gunshots of a couple of weeks ago but this one sounded like it came from under the wheel well. Yep...within about a minute, just as we were exiting the freeway, we could feel the back rear tire just thumping along.  Flat as my French Toast.  Fortunately, a couple from Oregon noticed as we limped into the lot of Discount Tire.  Discount Tire is closed on Sundays.  But, luck was with us, and the lady offered to loan us her cellular phone (my Blackberry doesn't function here!!!) and we were going to call AAA.  Hubby searched his wallet...NO CARD.  I did find mine, and even though it wasn't an up to date card, the number was still the same and our local franchise of the AAA (it was actually CAA) said that the number was good and our premium coverage would look after the cost of a tow, a Rental car for one day and a stay at a hotel if we needed. We passed on the rental and the hotel, but  Molly and I did find riding in the front of the tow truck to the nearby Pep Boys a new adventure.  And the tow truck was there within ten minutes...not the 1 to 2 hours the local representative said it might take.  So I shopped a little at Pep Boys, because I actually needed some ArmorAll for a project I am going to be making this week.  Within the hour the back two tires were replaced (only one was bad) and we were back on our way.

After we got home, I set to work on some light switch covers that I had promised to a friend last week.  She had given them to me this past Thursday, and not thinking anything of it, I set to covering three of them in the faux rocks technique.  I looked in the oven about fifteen minutes into the baking, (I try to monitor the oven regularly) and saw this mushroom growing inside.  I never had a light switch cover go THAT wonky on me.  I have noticed about 1 in 50 will get a few bubbles underneath, but this one literally rose in the centre and the holes for the toggles shrank. It's got a huge wave in it and try as I did, it would not flatten out.  I am gonna save it, to remind me of the Sunday before Lent begins. 

 "FLAT-U-LENT"  Sunday

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