Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going Mobile with Polymer Clay part two

I guess the 'wind' was blowing when this picture got snapped.  It is one of the natural life mobiles complete with pearl in the shell that was done at the camp workshop in the middle of July. 

Unfortunately, I am not into all the Harry Potter insignias, crests and other related markings but Sydney certainly is.  She did all these crests for her mobile and  she can justifiably be very proud of it.  She worked incredibly hard for someone who was at camp and althought the project was probably a little too time consuming, she did a great job of capturing the essence of the coats of arms.

The hamburger (now that's something I can relate to) in this mobile is replete with all the trimmings.  Madison even had me chopping up little bits of 'pickles' for the relish. The whole thing was delish, even though inedible.  Of course there are the healthy parts like apples, pears, tomatoes and all the other nutrients that we can identify with as well.  She also included a wire 'sculpture' of her initial as an additional component to her mobile. 

I feel badly that I can't put in a picture of everyone's work.  All the kids worked so earnestly and co-operated by helping to get finished.  I also wish that everyone has an opportunity to work with kids like this and help to fulfill art needs. These kids had so much potential.  Bravo!!!


Louise said...

great to see some of them at least. I agree. I would like that more kids had the chance to do so.

Lupe Meter said...

These mobiles are awesome! The kids did a marvelous job! You rock!