Monday, May 9, 2011

New Books

Lately I have been frequenting book stores, partly to see what's new, and partly to spend my gift cards which I seem to be collecting.  I love just being able to go into a book store and pick an item or two and not feel the pinch in my wallet.  My last trip there was shocking to a decided 'non-reader' (I must admit that my English 201  prof would look scathingly upon me).  Of the twenty or thirty books that were on the most popular or "picks" list, I can honestly admit to having read at least 10 of them! One new one appealed to me and I skimmed a few pages of it.  I cannot remember the exact title but it was about the Brides of New France in the 1660's (Les Filles du Roi as I knew them when I taught about this concept to my Grade 6 Social Studies groups).  I am thinking that as soon as I finish my book club 'assignment' that book just may be my next purchase. 

Speaking of books, some books I have NOT seen were the journals I recently finished, or am in the process of completing.  One is for a gift, and the others, well, they might be gifts for up and coming graduates.  It is that season, and these art journals have become popular as graduation gifts.  They are unique, and to my mind, are ideal for starting out in a new phase of life.  When I talk to people about what to use the books for, I suggest that they not be used for shopping list or phone numbers, unless that is of importance to the owner.  Rather I suggest that these books become repositories for significant events, special quotes, sketches, or for keeping small photographs as in a mini-'scrapbook'.  Then they can be looked through in years to come as personal autobiographies.

This one, which has some dimensional sunflowers  on the cover, is particularly 'bright' even though this scan doesn't do it justice.  It is a bit on the small side, but that can be a plus so as to eliminate any fear of having to 'write too much'.  It does contain about 100 pages of archival vellum, so should last for a long time. 

The other one,which is in a sea-green-blue is done in a mokume gane
style, with a couple of strings of beads to match.  Its interior is a heavier weight cardstock, and I even included the measurements when I did the scan so I won't have to measure each time someone asks about it.  Of course the colors in the scan are a little "off"; the deep blues are a little more like turquoise in actuality and the darks are a little less intense.  The back is quite similar in the colors, but the mokume effect is totally different.  I realize that both these journals are linked to shades of blue and aqua.  It wasn't intentional but things sometimes go that way. 

This third one, sporting a Zen-doodle type cover, isn't quite finished.  I am undecided as to whether to enhance  the spine with corresponding beads, fibers, or leave it plain. I think I will wait for some direction on this.  I don't have the beads made, but can do them in the faux ivory as I have plenty of that plug made up.  I also scored on some luscious brown fibers recently and might just add a few of those to my constantly growing stash of mid-tone mixes.  Maybe I'll do a combination with some fibers and maybe one strand of beads.  Or another twist might to make some felted wool 'beads' in corresponding colors and use those.  I did that with a couple of funky items I made in Arizona. 

Speaking of things "States-side", I recently sent a couple of my journals as contributions to the Orlando  Polymer Clay Guild's Fandango Conference which is taking place very soon.  The funds raised during the auction of their collection of items will go to support that Guild's charity.  I would love to go and see what the folks down there are doing clay wise.  And I do miss going shelling along the gulf shore beaches ast we used to do during Christmas vacations when I was still teaching full time. I did keep a few of those shells, and every so often, they pop up as textures in my polymer clay work. 

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