Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Weekend

After a very busy Saturday, which included an incredible walk to a movie (we were trying to save on gas and get some exercise) we had a blast watching Bridesmaids.  Lots of laughs from some way-too-talented people.  I did enjoy the walk, but it was a bit far for a first time effort.  My shoes were good, but the socks I had worn should have been a bit thicker. Next time I will be better prepared.

Today I spent the day organizing my summer calendar and filling out forms.  In the meantime, I got another call to participate in a summer art camp. I have done it before and it was fun. The theme is The Art of Craft and I'll be working with 9 to 14 year olds.  It runs for  a week, in the middle of July, and it's a day camp, so it's not like I'll be totally enveloped in teenage hormones.  But it will give me an opportunity to try out some cool techniques.  I still have two weeks to get my proposed classes ready. With all the other stuff I have on my plate for the next while, I am going to be scrambling.  Thank goodness I went to the movies yesterday!

What little time I had left to clay today was used making a couple of flower canes (I did a sunflower and a blue un-named speices).  I also made about five bangles, mostly using the sunflower cane, which have been sanded and buffed, but are not totally put together yet so unfortunately no pix of those.  And then I made this box with a faux ivory front.  It originally started with  a tear away transfer of a little village I had sketched, but after baking, and staining, I didn't care for the image that much so I sanded it away and buffed it until the ivory was gleaming! That's the beauty of this medium.  It is so 'malleable' that even in the midst of a project you can take a different route. I decided to do some carving and back filling in the ivory.  I didn't know where I was going with the carving, so it ended up a little unusual. 

Inside the box is a little book...really little, but it has all the important parts including covers, 5 signatures and the coptic bound spine enhanced with tiny beads which are mostly glass.  The finished piece doesn't fall into the realm of "pretty".  Does everything have to be "pretty"?  It is a solid piece and if it doesn't end up on someone's neck, it can do very nicely, thank you,  on one of the narrow 'columns' in my kitchen. 

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